Ashtanga Yoga Class


December 2020 (UTC+7) 

■ Mysore Class
– Door Open: Mon, Tue and Fri 5:25am Wed and Thu 5:50am
– Teach: Mon, Tue and Fri 5:30am-7:30am Wed and Thu 6:00am-8:00am
– Door Close: Mon, Tue and Fri 7:50am Wed and Thu 8:20am

* Please aim to completed to your practice during teaching time and we kindly ask you to leave at until door close time.

■ New! Beginners Mysore for Mom
– Door Open: Mon 10:25am Fri9:55am
– Teach: Mon10:30am-12:00pm Fri10:00-12:00pm

– Door Close: Around 12pm
* Beginners practice are about 30min to 1 hour. 

– 3times 1,500 (within 14days, Only beginner’s Monday and Friday)
* ALYC monthly members can join this class.

– Regular students who no childrens and continued practice for more than few months, Please join the Morning Mysore class as much as possible. Please consult us if you would like to join the begginer’s class.

– Children can wait in the changing room.

■ Led Primary Class
– Door Open: 8:50am
– Teach:  9:00am -10:30am

■ Holiday
Moon-day, Sunday and Public holiday (respond to your request.)

Please contact Line or E-mail about join or cancel. (It can do Single or Multi booking)

Line ID: @ayca

Your understanding and cooperation will be appreciated. Thank you.

Line ID: @ayca 

Thank you.

YouTube Led Primary

For those who have difficulty go to Shala due to the Covid-19. 

I tried to rec the video of Led Primary for our mind aim to calm. This video is a stay home style that even those who have difficulty in match up time due to time difference, parenting, or work can practice. I can’t directly adjust or help, so I took the counting slow down a little than normal. The Doristi (point of view) is very important, so please try practicing that use just listening not look movement of video. And then, Please don’t skip or ignore if you can’t the asanas. When you arrive at your last asana, sit on the mat and wait quietly until before the closing sequence.

– Can Half-Primary and more asanas: Restart from “URDHVADHANURASANA” together.

– If you practice before “MARICA SANA”: Restart from “BADDHAPADMASANA” together.
and don’t overdo it.

May god bless you.