Ashtanga Yoga Class and KYT manipulative therapy


June 2024 (UTC+7)

■ June Monthly Package: 5,000  

July half Monthly Package (17th – 31st July) : 2,500 

8times 4,000 (30days), 5times 3,000 (30days), 3times 2,100 (30days), Drop-in 800

Online: Drop-in 400 (If you would like to join the online Mysore
KYT Manipulation Therapy (by appointment only)
KYT Manipulative Therapy fees will change from 2024
【LYC monthly membership】
– If you can shooting for Instagram post: 1,000 per session
– If you cannot shooting for Instagram pos43t: 1,500 per session
– If you can shooting for Instagram post: 1,500 per session
– If you cannot shooting for Instagram post 2,000 per session
※ 100 ฿ discount when referred by your friend.
■ Holiday Moon-day, Sunday and Public holiday
■ Place: Soi Sangchai, Sukhumvit 38

8min by walk from ThongLor station. 1min by mother-bike taxi. There is parking a lot.

It doesn’t matter what time you come as long as you can leave by time the door closes. You can enter the shala 10 minutes before the start time. Even if you arrive earlier than that, you will not be allowed inside for cleaning, Thank you for your cooperate.

■ KYT manipulation therapy

Manipulative Ken Yamamoto Technique is a manipulative therapy developed and popularized by Mr. Ken Yamamoto, a Japanese manipulative specialist who specializes in treating low back pain. This technique focuses on balancing the body.

Yamamoto has developed a treatment method that considers various factors such as the skeleton, muscles, and nerves in order to improve pain caused by physical disorders. Specifically, while taking into consideration the anatomical position, we will safely balance the entire body by relaxing or strengthening the muscles so as not to place a burden on them.

The Ken Yamamoto technique not only relieves pain and discomfort, but also improves posture and movement. You can also expect a relaxing effect by reducing mental and physical stress.

Recently, the manipulative Ken Yamamoto technique has attracted attention all over the world and is also used in the fields of health maintenance and medical.

If you are a community representative interested in volunteer KYT, please contact us via email or LINE.
Contact: Line ID: @ayca , E-Mail:

Your understanding and cooperation will be appreciated. Thank you.

Line ID: @ayca